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Viton FKM Diving O-Ring Kit

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Tags: O-Ring Kit, Viton

Black Viton FKM  Dive O-Rings Kit

Kit Contents:

Most common sizes used in scuba diving applications

50 pcs. 10 sizes

Viton has excellent high-temperature resistance as well as good resistance to fuels and acids.

Black Viton used with NITROX because of its excellent resistance to oxygen.

Size Scuba Application Hardness Pieces
003 HP Hose/ SPG Swivel FKM-75 5
010 LP Hose / 2nd Stage FKM-75 5
011 Low-pressure Regulator Hose: Reg. Port Plug, hose adaptors FKM-75 5
012 High-Pressure Seat Seal, Console/gauge hoses FKM-75 5
013 Large Port; Piston Seat seal; Survivair Manifolds FKM-75 5
014 Standard Yoke Regulator/K-valve FKM-75 5
015 Cylinder Valve Bonnet Nut FKM-75 5
111 Small DIN Regulator/Valve and Old Yoke Valves FKM-75 5
112 Standard DIN Regulator/Valve FKM-75 5
116 1/2" Tank Neck, Genesis Tank Neck O-ring FKM-75


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